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This is a caption. Saying we are a senior creative team. At Iris. In London.

Pickles: What we saying in the bio?

Nick: Dunno mate. You do the words.

Pickles: Good start. 

Nick: How long have we been at Iris for?

Pickles: About 7 or 8 years.

Nick: You worked in Italy before?

Pickles: Oui. Weren't you a designer?

Nick: Yeah, for like 3 years, but I was sick of art directors telling me what to do.

Pickles: Same. What else?

Nick: You're the most Northern man I know.

Pickles: Aw, thanks.

Nick: Not a compliment. 

Pickles: Taking it.

Nick: And you sleep in your cricket gear.

Pickles: You have more meals a day than anyone I've met.

Nick: I'm actually eating now. 

Pickles: Naturally.

Nick: So what's our USP?

Pickles: Well, we put the graft in.

Nick: Yeah, and we both sweat the small stuff. Like, the craft.

Pickles: Craft and graft.

Nick: I like it.

Pickles: Ace.

Nick: Don't say ace.

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